Reimbursement Services

Eagle Environmental Consulting Inc. (EAGLE) has valuable experience in assisting owner/operators with reimbursement activities associated with state fund programs.  Activities include application preparation, represent client in dealings with regulatory agencies, and following up with state deficiency reviews (when applicable).

EAGLE conducts business differently than many other environmental consulting companies throughout Colorado and New Mexico.  As our clients know, characterization and remedial work conducted on petroleum retail facilities is potentially eligible for reimbursement from applicable underground storage tank (UST) state funds.  Reimbursement applications must be filed with return payment taking upwards of 3 to 8 months to return.  Many companies employ the use of a third party funding company to facilitate payment within 30 days, while the funding company receives a certain percentage of the application package.  This percentage is usually passed through to the owner/operator of the retail petroleum facility.

EAGLE will perform environmental work for the site and prepare reimbursement applications for submittal directly to the applicable UST state fund, saving the client or owner/operator virtually hundreds of thousands of dollars upon project completion.